Iyengar Yoga

Warwick | New York

54 Main Street
Warwick, NY 10990
(845) 987-2076

mats & props are always included

unlimited 2 weeks,
only $30 for new students

It is our mission to provide affordable yoga in a fun & nurturing atmosphere.
We offer classes suited for all levels of ability in the Iyengar Yoga tradition.

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immunity sequence
Yoga to strengthen your immune system and help you through these crazy times of the coronavirus strain COVID-19. Please, stay well and happy, stress and anxiety are likely to deplete your…
Amazing New Web Design by Nadine Tlili
Our new WEBSITE designed by NADINE TLILI — It is finally here and we know you won’t miss the old one. Some of the content is still work in progress and we do try to think of everything but we would…
Online Classes
How to Yoga Online with Us: We are sending out a weekly email with links to our Online Yoga Classes (on Zoom). You can arrive 15 minutes before class begin…
Scoliosis Workshop – Feb.12.
This workshop is all about healing yoga poses modified specially to benefit those who are living with scoliosis. Join us, and learn how to manage your posture, ease your pain, and improve…


We are so grateful for our amazing student!!! Here are some amazing highlights of the wonderful praises we received. Please visit out reviews & testimonials page to get the full picture of what people say about us.

back pain relief

As a new student of yoga, I was concerned about what would be expected of me. I had never been particularly flexible, and had a bad back and plantar fasciitis. From the moment I walked through the door, the instructor was welcoming and extremely helpful and encouraging. I never felt like I shouldn’t be there because I was holding anyone back. We all work at our own pace, and I have made so much progress with my strength and flexibility. My plantar fasciitis is gone, and my back is much improved. I can’t recommend or thank them enough!

Warwick Yoga - quote

New Student


Yoga Changed My Life! After years of suffering from back pain caused by Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis and several bulging disks; the chiropractic assistance I was receiving didn’t help me – I was advised to look into yoga. I chose to participate in Senior Yoga classes at Warwick Yoga Studio.  After a few sessions I started to feel improvement and today am totally pain free. I find the stretching exercises, meditation, and guidance by professional instructors, whom always consider issues the individual yogis may have, very enjoyable.  Also the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie one finds in the studio one carries along into the daily life. I feel everyone should do yoga.

Scoliosis Warrior

beginner to advanced

From novice to experienced anyone is able to do yoga here at the Warwick yoga center. Every class is personalized to meet each individuals need. No one ever need feel out of place, self conscious,  or embarrassed. The instructors explain every movement and adjust those movements to meet your physical capabilities.. Everyone has limitations.  Rose is the best, such a compassionate and caring person. I will miss it here when I move away in June.

Former Student

Warwick Yoga - Momoyoga

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