Online Classes

How to Yoga Online with Us:

We are sending out a weekly email with links to our Online Yoga Classes (on Zoom). You can arrive 15 minutes before class begin to chat and get set up. For any questions please get in touch with Rose:

call / text:  845 987 2076


Tips to Zoom

Online classes will be live on, a free video service – it is available through your browser, as well as phone and tablet apps. They make it super easy, watch their introduction video if you like.

Class Preparations

Here is how to prep for your class, once you have signed up. Always feel free to reach out with any questions:
Rose (516)356-8552
These are not mandatory, but if available you can use the following props:
  • 3 blankets (sarvangasana)
  • 1 belt
  • 1 chair
  • a wall 

If you are using a phone/tablet

• make sure the phone is on speaker view (you will see dots at the bottom of the screen click the 2nd dot at the bottom of the screen that is speaker view, so that you can see what is being taught. if you are on grid view you will see everyone else on speaker view you will only see what is being taught. 

If you are using a laptop/desktop

• make sure you are on speaker view so that you see who is talking/ teaching and not everyone else. 

All devices

• Have your camera set at the correct angle so you may be seen correctly. Be prepared to use an empty wall space if needed during the class, And to move your camera as needed when you move to the wall.
• Please dont have your camera facing a direct light source as it makes it hard for the teacher to see the students.
• Everyone will be muted so there is no distracting sounds on the recording (if the class is to be recorded) there is a hand raising button if you have a question then you will be unmuted. We will discuss this before class. 
• Please wear light colored clothing, so that you can been seen better for correction.
• For the courtesy of others and the recording please wear modest clothing as if youwere in a class. 
There is be a very small pow wow (15 mins before class) before class begins to help everyone understand better.